Machinery MOVING

TCR offers full service plant relocation. We have experience moving entire plants across town and across the country. Our equipment and personell can handle any size job. Whether we utilize our 600 ton jacking system or our 80,000 lb. fork trucks, our skilled professionals make any relocation more efficient and effective. 

We work closely with our in-house Engineering Department to develop strategic move projects and detailed lift plans to complete the safest, most efficient lifts possible.


Transformer Move

Waukesha Electric Systems – Riverton, KS to Columbus, KS

Phase I

  1. Offload transformer from railcar to TCR trailer
  2. Transformer Specs: 204,500 lbs

Phase II

  1. Transport load to bridge 
  2.  Install Holland dollies to trailer; now – 25’ wide dual lane
  3. Reinstalled trunion axles to trailer
  4.  Mobilize to site

Phase III

  1. Offload and set transformer in pit 

50 Truckloads

Johnson Controls – Monterey, Mexico to Norman, OK / Wichita, KS

Dismantle, load, transport, offload and reinstall entire plant from Mexico to Norman, OK and Wichita, KS. Machinery included: presses, shears, assembly lines, ovens, and more.  The project required extensive planning and communication with border authorities and was finished ahead of the one-month timeline. 

Envelope Folding

Wahoo, NE; Huntington, IN; Tulsa, OK; Dallas, TX

TCR relocated & helped install seven envelope folding machines between Wahoo, NE; Huntington, IN; Tulsa, OK & Dallas, TX.

Turbine Generator

Awarded SC&RA Rigging Job of the Year 2005

Fairbanks Morse Engine Co. – Manhattan, KS Railhead to Clay Center, KS Power Plant

Provided complete rigging and transport services to move and install (1) 32/40 generator set. The V-18 power generator weighed 334,000 lbs and made its way from Germany to the Houston Port by ship, and then by rail to Manhattan, KS. 

Taylor utilized its 600-ton jacking system to lift and transfer the generator from rail car to a dual lane transport dolly system, for the 40 mile haul from Manhattan to Clay Center, which required DOT approval and movement over long span bridges.

The challenging installation required movement of the generator through a door over a suspended floor and then lowering approx. 8 ft. to its foundation.  Taylor custom-designed, engineered and fabricated (2) 8” transfer beams and additional rigging gear to accomplish the tight movement through the door and to the foundation.
The entire job was performed without incident and to the satisfaction of our client (Fairbanks), the owner (Clay Center Public Utilities Commission) and the Kansas DOT.

No Job

Generator Set – Coffeyville, KS

Installing a Generator in a Police Station


Sega – Columbus, Kansas

Sega Inc. and Empire District Electric Co approached Taylor Crane & Rigging in January of 2006 with a challenging move: A 300-ton generator and a 250-ton turbine needed to be relocated from a rail site to their new foundation.

The original plan of work was simple and straight forward; however, a couple of problems evolved during the project. First, the original rail delivery spur, only three miles from the Empire’s construction site, was discovered to be insufficient to handle the delivery of the heavy rail carloads. The best alternative plan was to build a costly new rail spur in Columbus, KS eighteen miles from the site. However, the new route also included a major obstacle, crossing a 15-ton capacity county bridge.

The second problem concerned access to the equipments’ new foundations. Construction issues required access from the side of the foundation instead of the ends as originally planned.
This required jacking and lifting the turbine and generator from the ends, which would require a longer and substantially stronger lifting beam than TCR had in its arsenal. With some quick thinking, Taylor realized both problems could be solved with some modification and fabrication to a trailer deck in its fleet. The trailer deck, if extended, could be used as a “bridge jumper” to cross the bridge. The deck could also be modified to be used as a lifting beam to solve the foundation access problem.

Sega and Empire awarded the project to TCR with only six weeks to prepare for the job. Preparation included design, structural engineering, fabrication, and installation of the mobile ‘bridge jumper’. Also, matting and widening several county road intersections, cribbing several box culverts, leasing a heavy haul modular hydraulic transport unit and permitting with state and county entities. Taylor was liable for any problems or structural damage to the county’s bridge and roads and the state’s highway.

The job went as planned, without incident or injury and to everyone’s complete satisfaction, especially the clients Sega and Empire.
The Kansas Dept of Transportation determined that the super load movement of the generator, with a gross weight of 788,590 pounds on 19 axles, was the heaviest load ever moved on county and state roads in Kansas to date.

Machinery Moving

American Airlines-Tulsa, OK

TCR relocated an 80,000 lb specialty Griffon Grinder that was made to grind landing gear. It was moved from Kansas City to Tulsa for American Airlines. Work included dismantling, load out, transportation and installation.


Joplin, MO

Supplied manpower and equipment to:

  • Pull gear box and change out roll
  • Transport gear box from Coffeyville to Kansas City, MO
  • Reinstall gear box (3,500 lbs)



Transformer Switch over Mezzanine

Taylor moved (2) transformers on Mezzanine above chrome plating dip tanks. The transformers had to be switched. The first one weighed 1000# and the second one weighed 1700#..


Ball Mill Tire Change Out

Southern Welding contracted TCR to change out two 15′-diameter, 31,000-lb. tires and the adjacent rings (also 15′ in diameter) at the Central Plains Cement plant in Tulsa, OK..


Feed Water Heater Changeout

Taylor Crane & Rigging was challenged with removing two 115,000-lb. vessels and reinstalling two new replacement vessels from the second story of a power generation station ..


Plant Equipment Installation- New Plant

Supplied Manpower & equipment for Turnkey Installation of:

  • Over 40 Niagara clearing metal stamping presses
  • 22 Orttech Hydraulic units
  • 12 Sesco stock feeding systems…

Rear Modular Assembly Installation

Taylor Crane was awarded the contract from Forie Automation for the rear modular assembly project at the Woodbridge assembly plant in KC, MO. This project consisted of installation of the following:..


Sutton Table Removal & Relocation

  1. Lower, remove, and relocate sutton tables and straightener.  Taylor provided manpower, equipment and materials necessary to modify the in-board and out-board table tops and drive bases for the straightener. 


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