TCR currently has 20 cranes, with capacities ranging from 5 tons to 265 tons. All of our crane operators and riggers are experienced and handle both big and small projects with the same dedication and efficiency.

From lifting machines through a 10th story window to offloading 200,000 lb. vessels, TCR can meet your every craning need.

Printing Equipment

QuadGraphics – Oklahoma City, OK

Lifting and installing: printing equipment / transformer on mezzanine.

Lift of Tulsa’s Historic

Tulsa, OK

History of the Buried Car
On June 15, 1957, a new gold and white 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe was buried in a time capsule in downtown Tulsa, OK. The time capsule was part of Tulsa’s celebration of Oklahoma’s semi-centennial. The car was buried in front of the Tulsa County Courthouse.

As part of the “Tulsarama!” festivities, citizens of Tulsa were asked to guess what the population of Tulsa would be in the year 2007. The guesses were then recorded on microfilm and sealed in a steel container buried with the car. When the car and artifacts are excavated, the person whose guess is closest to Tulsa’s 2007 population is to be awarded the Belvedere. (, 2007)

This unusual move was coordinated by SMC of Bartlesville and Taylor Crane & Rigging who provided a small army of men and an array of massive equipment to handle the move. Steam locomotive moves such as this occur only a few times each decade in the United States.

How and When Taylor got the Job
TCR began solicitation for the craning and moving of Miss Belvedere immediately following the first of the Tulsa World news articles and offered to donate their services. After attending a few of the unearthing meetings it became apparent that the original company and people that preformed the craning and rigging were no longer in business. Sharon King Davis (event chair) and her committee awarded TCR the lifting work in May of 2006.

Preparation and Planning
Old pictures of craning the car in 1957 illustrated lifting gear that would be considered unsafe by today’s standards. Without any drawings and the possibility of structural decay it became apparent Taylor needed to custom design, engineer and fabricate special lifting gear for a safe and professional lift.

TCR solicited Payne-Huber Engineering to provide the structural engineering of the lifting and rigging gear. PHE donated their services to analyze lifting gear and supply sealed engineered drawings.

Test Lift
One week prior to the unearthing, ’57 Heaven, of BransonMO, brought over an identical belvedere to perform a test lift. The ‘twin belvedere’ was ideal for assessing the center of gravity of the famous car. The test gained attention from car buffs and interested people from all over. Approximately 50 people attended from Coffeyville, Tulsa and surrounding cities.

Once drawings were approved, Taylor’s craftsmen fabricated the custom designed spreader/lifting beam(s) at its own shop.

On June 15, 2007 TCR will be providing a crane along with operator and rigging personnel to lift a famous 50 year old time capsule from a vault in downtown Tulsa. The time capsule gained national attention as Oklahoma celebrated its Semi-Centennial in 1957. The main draw – a brand new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere!


Bartlesville, OK

The No. 940
locomotive is the sole survivor of 342 similar steam engines built for the Santa Fe. It was retired in 1954 and was moved to Bartlesville for display. On December 9th, 2009, this 100+ year old locomotive was rescued from further deterioration due to the
 Caney River flooding at her then current location. It was placed in its new home at the Bartlesville Depot in honor of the depot’s 100th birthday.

This unusual move was coordinated by SMC of Bartlesville and Taylor Crane & Rigging who provided a small army of men and an array of massive equipment to handle the move. Steam locomotive moves such as this occur only a few times each decade in the United States.

Practice Lift 
The No. 940 locomotive was rigged with a 265 ton and 120 ton crane. TCR performed the test lift in order to assure everything was in place and to get the weight of the locomotive, which determined to be 275,000 lbs.

Move of Locomotive
TCR lifted and loaded the locomotive onto a 8 axel, 64 tire scheuerle trailer and pushed tender to cranes and rigged and loaded tender (110,000 lbs) on to a 4 axel lowboy. TCR then moved the locomotive 4 blocks from Johnstone Park to the Bartlesville Depot. The locomotive was set into position over tracks and cranes offloaded it. TCR then backed tender in over tracks and offloaded the No. 940. 

Tube Bundle

Refinery – Coffeyville, KS

Remove the tube bundle of 120 psig steam generator.  This was a “Red Line” (high priority) job, which was completed during an unplanned turnaround at the refinery. 

Taylor crews worked 24 hours a day for seven (7) days until the work was completed.  Safety was a major factor, and the project was completed on time, with no safety incidents and to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Installation of (2) towers was required to support Taylor’s beam and skating tools, which were necessary 
    to remove tube bundle 80 feet “off grade”
  • Utilize 140 ton truck crane to lift and lower the 72K lb. tube bundle

Transported the tube bundle to a repair facility in Houston, TX


Salt Cake Chute

Mays County, KS

  1. Lift 1000 KVA Transformer from trailer and place on to temporary pad (13,000 Lbs)
  2. Lift 1500 KVA Transformer from trailer and place on to the ground. Lift three, 333 KVA Transformers from concrete pad and place them on to trailer (2,000 Lbs Each)
  3. Remove existing Batch Mixer from 3rd. Floor of Batch Tower and place on to ground. Lift New Batch Mixer from shipping skid and place into 3rd. Floor of the Batch Tower. (8,000 Lbs)
  1. Remove existing Salt Cake Chute and fabricate New Salt Cake Chute. (Bartlett-Collins to supply construction material) (1,000 Lbs)
  2. Continue New Salt Cake fabrication and installation
  3. Lift Three, 333 KVA Transformers from trailer and place on to concrete pad (2,000 Lbs Each) 

Offload and

Eldorado, KS

Offload, rotate and set fin fan on stand (in extremely tight quarters and high winds) through existing operating equipment and live pipe rack.


Hulah Lake, Oklahoma

Crowds gather as divers Larry and Bill Shufeldt explored Hulah Lake to hook the biggest CAT caught in Oklahoma waters. Taylor’s 265 ton Liebherr Hydraulic crane set on the bank to reel in the machine and set it on dry land. Crowd and client were pleased at the catch.



Transformer Switch over Mezzanine

Taylor moved (2) transformers on Mezzanine above chrome plating dip tanks. The transformers had to be switched. The first one weighed 1000# and the second one weighed 1700#..


Ball Mill Tire Change Out

Southern Welding contracted TCR to change out two 15′-diameter, 31,000-lb. tires and the adjacent rings (also 15′ in diameter) at the Central Plains Cement plant in Tulsa, OK..


Feed Water Heater Changeout

Taylor Crane & Rigging was challenged with removing two 115,000-lb. vessels and reinstalling two new replacement vessels from the second story of a power generation station ..


Plant Equipment Installation- New Plant

Supplied Manpower & equipment for Turnkey Installation of:

  • Over 40 Niagara clearing metal stamping presses
  • 22 Orttech Hydraulic units
  • 12 Sesco stock feeding systems…

Rear Modular Assembly Installation

Taylor Crane was awarded the contract from Forie Automation for the rear modular assembly project at the Woodbridge assembly plant in KC, MO. This project consisted of installation of the following:..


Sutton Table Removal & Relocation

  1. Lower, remove, and relocate sutton tables and straightener.  Taylor provided manpower, equipment and materials necessary to modify the in-board and out-board table tops and drive bases for the straightener. 


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12th Street in Coffeyville


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